More Things to (try to) Binge Watch

Okay one thing about me: I am absolutely terrible at sitting down and watching TV. There are so many shows and movies people have told me to watch, and that I’d like to watch, but I seriously struggle to make myself actually do it. Saying that, there are a couple of bookish viewing options that I have my eye on.

Firstly I have heard quite a bit of buzz about the new Netflix adaptation of The Babysitters Club. I actually managed to watch the first episode and it was really warm and sweet in a ‘I could watch this and enjoy it without having to think too much’ kind of way. It was also really refreshing to see 12 and 13-year-olds in a TV series actually cast using actors that reflect their age. I am going to actually try hard to watch the rest of the season; luckily there aren’t too many episodes and they’re only like 25 minutes each. Totally doable.

I have also heard about something else pretty exciting concerning Netflix: they are making a TV series based on the novel When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon! Coincidentally, this is actually one of the books I’m reading currently. The series was created by Netflix India but should be available on our Netflix by the end of the year. The adaptation is set in India, rather than the US, so keen to see how that plays out.

With so much amazing looking bookish viewing (that was both a rhyme and a tongue twister) available, I solemnly swear to try my very best to make a proper commitment to some Netflix bingeing.

Stream Some Percy

With everything being in lockdown and movie theatres being closed, Netflix and other streaming services have become a real isolation life saver. So Rick Riordan announcing that Disney+ are going to produce a series reboot of Percy Jackson is very welcome and exciting news.

Percy Jackson was staple reading for me growing up and Rick Riordan continues to be a popular author today. He somehow manages to pump books out at the speed of light, meaning readers will never leave empty handed when searching for stories about mythology and monsters.

Riordan has stated he will be heavily involved in this production and the series will closely follow the books, something which I think a lot of people will be grateful for following the flop of the Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief movie. Hopefully lockdown restrictions will well and truly be eased by the time this series is released, but I’m sure readers will still be excited to see the refreshed return of Percy.